Tongue in cheek?  Never.

What is the normative purpose of blogging?  Either to log thoughts that you are trying to work your way through or perhaps to connect your ideas with some perceived community of people sharing your views.

I’m interested in neither.  First, I realize that my thoughts concerning a subject are constantly being coated over with new language and seen in new lights (ideally), so slowing down to understand my thoughts suggests a permanence or static nature for such thought constructs.  Why discuss such matters?  Second, there is some danger in being understood.  Perhaps you already misunderstand.  Excellent.  There exists the possibility such that you share some of my presuppositions, but are uninterested in considering them from the angles I choose – and the stronger possibility that you neither share my presuppositions nor understand my choices of communicating them.  Excellent.  Instead of pretending that we fully grasp something when we don’t, let us content ourselves in understanding by means of miscommunication.



One response to “Mis-?

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