Mayhap I’m re-‘reading’ this because of the affinity of one chill to another (there was no heating in that room as there is not enough here).

Inklings - JRLookingbill

I really don’t understand how my head works. I can’t recall a time when sleeplessness wasn’t an issue (yay, double negative – silly restrictive English language and your elitist rules) and tonight is no exception. Ok, there are a number of contributing factors and I’m only aware of a few of them (don’t worry, I’ll make you aware of less). The legs are sore…which is good. And bad. And I wish I could stop thinking about that but they don’t seem to understand that if I sleep, they rest and don’t have to carry me to the car to retrieve the laptop so that I can try to exhaust the mind instead. Silly legs – you just don’t know what’s good for you.

Ok, the nap was a great & horrible idea. Maybe I should stop with those. But then that wasn’t very probable – not after a full morning…

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