Mis-directing: Footfalls in Foreigndom

I try to avoid apologies (in the usual sense) on a [mis]philosophy blog. Nevertheless, this hiatus was less the product of the usual culprit; which I hope is more the rhythms of creative genius than something more random and less flattering. More simply, a shotgun wedding coupled with a move out of the country and a new job is n’t conducive to regular reading or, its result, blogging [where are the priorities].

To this point, I have n’t experienced an extreme culture shock – mostly, perhaps, because I expected life here to be largely different and am finding less contrasts than I should have thought previously. True, all tasks must be re-learned and that ‘everything’s really the same’ mentality can actually prove quite dangerous to one’s health, but in the general sense I ‘m pretty nearly sure that people live here with the regular difficulties associated with humanity. Coming truly into rhythm is going to prove tougher than I ‘m representing the situation, but the efforts seem worthwhile.

To that point, I should away if I ‘m to arrive at work in time for some leisure reading (George MacDonald’s ‘Lilith’).


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