Funny Sayings I: ‘Sorry for the Book’

In a society with such a short attention span (I’ve probably already lost you twice in this first sentence) it’s common for friends to insert ‘sorry for the book‘ if their answers to our questions don’t fit twitter’s character limit.

My response to this: never apologize for a book unless you can’t be found in it.

That’s actually a legit concern of mine – as the possibility really grows that I and my friends will start writing books that they will somehow prove worthless…something to toss on a C.V. and footnote or place on a bookshelf and even should the pages by happenstance be leafed through some day what a tragedy would it be if we won’t be recognizable in those pages.

Maybe if we learn to articulate ourselves – at least in our major works – perhaps then we shall be one step closer to having a voice….’till we have faces….


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