Misphil I: the educative value of dis-illusion

I ‘ve come to realize that there will be struggles in my teaching style as it communicates to students. Honestly, few things have proved more useful to the growth of my thought and communications as disillusionment. So yes, expect a healthful (or supra-healthful) helping of disillusionment in my tutoring.

Many may fail to appreciate the value of such an approach. I may fail to execute it to the greatest possible effect, but what has often troubled me is the question: ‘how do you know when you ‘ve got it?’ The answer has proved to be that you do n’t really – instead you are aware that you have communicated well or not. As others are fellow persons (one might assume) and so are inordinately complex, the probability of miscommunication multiplies.

More honestly, how is one to resolve a question which a less experienced person has n’t struggled with to effect? Is n’t solving such questions stunting the possibility for growth? Tension and frustration are tools – they must n’t be confused with the goal of deep searching – and they should be used. Let us be wary of being easily answered or of answering easily, for the full weight of experience in disillusionment prior to enlightenment is easily undervalued and so the enlightening’s luminescent effect is lessened considerably.


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